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This swamp is nefarious for its nefarious nature and its malicious intents. It draws adventurers in with promises of riches and fame to behold, but it takes their lives as its payment. Deadnoll stretches from the Ironwood forest to the South to the foot hills of the Blasted Lands. To the East lay the outskirts of the Snakelords’ Empire and to the West is the open sea. The Odric River rips through the Deadnoll and drains into pools known as the Pools of the Forgotten, rumored to be one of the few entrances to the underworld and guarded by fierce protective spirits.

Traversing the Deadnoll

1) Goblin Fen

Many horrid goblin kin nest in the Goblin Fen near the southern edge of Deadnoll. They rule uncontested and war constantly among themselves. Cillit rules as Goblin King, even though he is not of any goblin type. The Fen itself is made up of three large interconnected groves dotted with a multitude of caves which link into a larger underground network of tunnels. The complex is easy to get lost in and many a goblin has wandered lost into its depths.

2) Shurjen Village

The aquatic lizard-folk which created this village have learned the swamp’s passages as second nature. Their simple homes are arranged haphazardly at best and stretch on poles above the waterways, occasionally slipping and crashing in to make room for a new building to be erected. Their leader, Gyr Medron, is a powerfully built snake-like figure. He is a Low Dragoran of rare intellect who often broods on how to gain back the good graces of his former master, Almune Tryn.

3) Pools of the Forgotten

These pools are eerily still even in the strongest breeze. Labyrinth mist wraps around its edges and flows over them, only occasionally opening up to reveal their liquid treasures. The black waters sparkle with dim luminescence and drown out all other forms of illumination. The pools have long been rumored and written into legend as portals to the underworld. Once a living being steps foot into the pools, as legend goes, they are transported into a desolate land covered in the bones of fallen heroes. The souls of these dead whisper their secrets and imbue knowledge to the living. Those foolish enough to disturb these spirits shall find themselves at their mercy, and at the mercy of far more terrifying denizens of the underworld.

4) Spring of the Wretched Heart

Deep within the Deadnoll lies the source of the swamps life force. It is a spring ever flowing with corruption and malice. In some places, things are just evil with no explanation, this is one such place. No curse fell over the land for some evil act. The place is simply evil with no intent or cause. It just is. The water that pours forth from the spring corrupts all organic life it comes in contact with, twisting and poisoning everything. To drink water directly from the spring is to invite power into your very being at a cost. The entire swamp surrounding the spring is a dark place that attracts the corrupt and evil. As one gets closer to the source the spring this evil only thickens.� The spring itself pours from an ancient dais that was created long ago to house the evil water as if its energy was worshipped. The raised bowl-like platform is now covered with a black pitch that has solidified over the centuries.

Hazards of Deadnoll


A thick aura of violence and decay haunt an area of Voidmoor. Pools of black ichors seethe over the ground. Vegetation grows twisted and stunted. Each time a living creature of medium size or larger enters the Voidmoor they feel their vitality sapped as the Voidmoor takes their life for its own. Any creature remaining, in an area of Voidmoor, takes 5 necrotic damage, per tier. If a creature succumbs to the Voidmoor power and is reduced to 0 hit points or less the Voidmoor expands one square outward in all directions. 20 points of radiant damage reduces the Voidmoor by one square. If fully reduced by radiant damage then the Voidmoor is rendered dormant until reactivated by any necrotic energy.

Virulent Blight

The blight is only a hazard because of its nature, not its effect. Once an area is affected by virulent blight, the plant life immediately begins to take on a dead appearance. The effect of this is that the blight acts as an attractant to darkness, drawing all manner of evil creatures to dwell within its malignant aura. These creatures are usually of a low level, but two or three more powerful creatures are always found to be within an area of virulent blight.

Labyrinth Mist

This mist is one that warps the mind and saps courage. The area of the mist might only be as large as four squares, but to any creatures within it seems to be much more. The mists confuse the senses and equilibrium. A creature might believe he is walking in a strait line but is more often than not walking in circles. Any creature trapped in labyrinth mist takes a -2 penalty to all defenses until exiting the mist