During the first incursion of Dragorans many of the fair folk, Elves and Eladrin, fled to the West. They settled in the wilds and on the edges of the Blasted Lands. They found allies in the Dwarves who taught them to survive the rugged and inhospitable terrain. It was a far cry from the noble lives filled with opulence they were used to, but they adapted. They built both above ground in sandstone buildings and below, linking structures by tunnels for protection and found they could hold out in this land.

The people of Songhold live mostly from what they can hunt or gather, but they are aided in their diets by giant mushrooms they grow to feed themselves when sources become scarce. Meat and surplus foods are stored in the lowest chambers for years of famine. All help at some point in this process, whether it be the hunters hunting large lizards or the children tending he mushrooms and keeping the small Lurk Rats at bay with sticks. Portions of creatures, items, and beasts (such as lizard pelts or Riding Lizards) are taken to be sold at Ember to the North.

Songhold has much to be desired in the way of wealth, but that is not what has attracted others to this large city. Some call it Noc, others call the town the Gates of Arowin. To all who reside here it is home and represents freedom and security. All, be it Halfling, Half-Elf, Human, Dwarf, Elf, Tiefling or Eladrin, are welcome to prosper here if they wish.

The society of this town is a loosely tied government dictated by the will of the people and the strength of its leaders. They maintain links to trade with Ember and the Watch Tower Alliance who in turn supply them with much needed trade goods, extra protection, and news of the world.

For the most part the Dragorans leave Songhold to its own devices but that is only because it does not present any urgent threat. Otherwise, spies within Songhold keep the Dragorans informed of what is happening in the town. If the Snake Lords were to ever take more than a quick glance to Songhold they would most likely destroy it all too quickly and scatter its people to the five winds.