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Ember rises in bits and pieces to barely top the stone passages of its founding in the Hidrell Mountains. Within it sprawls out in an intricate winding path of buildings, streets, and other structures in the shape of a lion’s paw. The odd shape allows the heat of the underground hot springs to flow down all avenues and evenly heat the different sections of the city and at some points allowing the hot springs to surface and create large pools for bathing.

The people enjoy a fairly stable existence. Mines cut deep into the walls of the stone passage provide sapphires and emeralds for a strong economic and political hold. The gems are most often traded along Barter Routes to Solcun and Zircane. Riding Lizards also serve important economic functions through their trade, use as a food staple, hardy adaptability, and the armor or clothes which can be fashioned from its hide.

The close proximity of the mountains has served to protect Ember from invading forces, but it is still a fragile truce which binds it to the Dragorans. The Watch Tower Alliance serves as a political intermediate for the people of Ember and Hells Canyon to the Snake Lords. The Dragoran Empire in turn feel there is more to be lost than there is to gain by attacking the city. Ember itself serves to watch for invading Hundrans as well as to act as a wall against which such a force would be cracked along Mori’s Thunder, (a pass along the Western wall.)

Ember is inherently a Human city, but all manner of other folk can be found dwelling here including loose ties with the Hobgoblins, Orcs, and Minotaurs. They seldom keep binding alliances with any one outside of their societies, preferring to deal with their own kind. A few stay within the confines of the city as diplomats or for personal reasons.

The Watch Tower Alliance serves to protect Ember in case of attack. They keep a standing militia patrolling the outer rim of the stone passage. They are well paid for their services and Ember keeps the Watch Tower informed of the movements of the Snake Lords.